A Personal Message


My name is Richard Hackworth and I am host of the World Martial Arts TV Show and a professional martial arts teacher. I want to show you how ordinary people, just like you are not only learning Hapkido for fun and fitness, but successfully putting this information to use in the real-world, against real attackers – and you can too. Remember, I don’t teach fighters. I don’t teach fighting.

I teach real people, just like you – professionals, family-oriented men and women, healthcare workers, employees, and concerned citizens, how to protect themselves should they ever find themselves facing their worst nightmare using Hapkido. If you’re looking for some sort of “fight club” or mixed martial arts fight coach so you can win money, trophies, or championship belts…then I’m not your guy. If you’re looking for a solid, system proven effective by the US Secret Service, FBI, CIA, and DEA then you have found it.

Orlando martial arts instructor Richard Hackworth

Dr. Richard Hackworth, Martial Arts Author and Expert

As a martial arts and self-defense instructor I will help you develop the power, confidence and control you’ll need using the Scientific Principles for Effective Self-Protection. You’ll learn these lessons without all of the fluff and useless material that fills other schools.

Again, mastery is not easy, but the self-defense principles, concepts, strategies, and attitudes I cover in my classes are. I will help you achieve the skill and success you want by leveraging two important keys that you’ll need: the knowledge and experience that I gained on the streets working with Law Enforcement and through my work with the Korea National SWAT Team.

Today, I have the privilege of working with professionals, doctors, clergy, parents, children, and concerned men and women from all walks of life…and it brings me no greater satisfaction than to work with people just like you – to know that I am adding value and security to the lives of people who are trying to live decent, happy lives, who are getting the success they want through the martial arts.

Remember, the only freedom, protection, and safety that’s guaranteed to each of us, no matter what the politicians and so-called experts say, is what we provide for ourselves. Remember, when some thug is going to kill you in seconds, the Police are only 5 to 8 minutes away! You must take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of your family and loved ones. As long as the world is filled with its share of crazy, anti-social, or self-centered individuals willing to harm others for their own pleasure or self-gain, there will be a need for ordinary people like you and me to have the skills necessary for dealing with and stopping violent aggression so that we can get home to those who love, respect, and depend on us to be in their world. Hapkido training at our school can give you those necessary skills.

I personally invite you to join us for fun, fitness and self defense. Please remember that not all martial arts schools are created equal. Having a black belt does not make someone a qualified martial arts instructor, any more than a high school diploma would make someone a high school teacher. Most martial arts schools have unqualified teachers. Having a teenage black belt teach classes is like having first graders teach the kindergarden class. You should expect more for your money. We should expand on that by saying that ALL our instructors are licensed and certified by the world headquarters in Korea. Don’t settle for less!

I encourage you to take this important step to stand ready to protect yourself, your spouse and your children, should the need arise.

To Your Peace, Happiness, and Safety,

Richard Hackworth, Ph.d., CPT, 8th Degree Grand Master


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